London Institutional Dialogue

London Institutional Dialogue

19.-20. September 2019 | Leonardo Royal Hotel London St. Paul's

London, United Kingdom



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Short summary of the presentations

Charles Nenner - Charles Nenner Reserarch Center, Founder & CEO



Charles Nenner is Founder & CEO of the Charles Nenner Research Center.



Financial markets do not move at random.

The presentation by Charles will explain the basis of his proprietary two-part system and why cycles predict the future. First part, direction and timing. Second part, generating price targets.

Charles Nenner will show a video from July 2006, when he was a guest at CNBC, that shows that the system he developed can accurately predict moves in any asset class. Charles Nenner's system of market timing highlights the simple fact that we need cycles to successfully invest, since we don't know the news of tomorrow.

Dr. Irene Bauer - Twenty20 Investments, CIO & Founder



  Irene Bauer is a founding partner and CIO of Twenty20 Investments and is a leading specialist in innovative portfolio construction models which control target risk while optimising the portfolio's returns. Previously, Irene has been at iShares, BlackRock, providing portfolio solutions for iShares’ Client Group, along with insights gained from a rigorous ETF investment research process. Prior to that, Irene gained experience across all aspects of ETFs while designing and researching new ETF products at iShares, covering the fixed income, equities, commodities & alternatives asset classes.

Witold Witkiewicz - Kania Advisors, Founder



Witold has over 15 years of experience in real estate related strategy, investments and quantitative analysis. Prior to Kania Advisors he co-managed a CRE debt platform on behalf of a Middle East sovereign client and a long/short fund of global REITs. Previously he held roles as Head of European Credit at an alternative investment firm focused on global real estate securities, at BNP Paribas responsible for developing proprietary credit rating and risk models for the bank's CRE loan securitisation business and in real estate portfolio strategy at Aberdeen Property Investors. Witold has written award winning research on institutional real estate allocations and portfolios published in leading academic journals. He holds a MSc in Economics and Statistics from Lund University.

Michael Howell - CrossBorder Capital, CEO



Michael Howell is CEO of CrossBorder Capital, a London- based FCA registered, independent research firm of 15 professionals that he founded in 1996.



Liquidity drives markets. Barely one fifth of Wall Street’s huge gains over recent decades have come from earnings: more liquidity, combined with investors’ appetite for riskier assets have propelled stock prices higher. Similar experiences are shared Worldwide and even in Emerging Markets, such as India, where flat earnings have not deterred waves of domestic mutual fund and foreign money from driving up stock prices. Now with Central Banks again actively pursuing quantitative easing policies and industrial corporations also flush with cash, the liquidity theory of investment has never been more important.

Michael Howell pioneered the concept of Global Liquidity. The research team at CrossBorder Capital regularly monitors liquidity and capital flows across 80 economies Worldwide and advises an international client base of key institutional investors. The investment division of CrossBorder Capital manages over US$1 billion and embeds this liquidity flow data in its systematic models.

Dr. Aneesh Banerjee, Lecturer + Prof. Ajay Bhalla, Professor of Global Innovation - Cass B



Dr. ANEESH BANERJEE researches, lectures, and consults on decision making in strategy, technology, and innovation 

AJAY BHALLA is the Professor of Family Business and Innovation at Cass Business School.


Was it a business obstacle you did not foresee, office politics that were hard to figure out, or a life-changing incident that left you shell-shocked?

When life hands you a setback, how do you respond? Are you racked by doubt, unable to move—or do you charge ahead, eager for resolution, without much thought?

Between these extremes is another approach built on the principles of resilience. In The Resilient Decision-Maker, Joseph Lampel, Aneesh Banerjee, and Ajay Bhalla show you how to approach challenges in life and business with resilience. This practical guide explains the different types of challenges we all face, examines the various forms resilience can take in the face of these challenges, and offers a guide to resilient leadership backed up by real-world examples. If you want to know your own resilience and how to grow it, you’ll find the answers here.

John Reade - World Gold Council, Managing Director of Research


John Reade joined the World Gold Council in February 2017 as Chief Market Strategist. John is responsible for producing strategy and developing insights on the gold market; leading our global dialogue by engaging with leading economists, academics, policy makers, fund managers and investors on gold; and leading our research team.John has over 30 years’ experience in the gold industry and related fields, most recently as a partner and gold strategist with Paulson & Co for the past seven years. Prior to that, John worked as a precious metals strategist at UBS for 10 years; a gold equity analyst in South Africa for 5 years; and over 8 years held various positions in production and project evaluation in the gold division of Gencor, then a leading South African mining house. John has a degree in Mining Engineering from the Royal School of Mines, a constituent of Imperial College, London.

Dr. Rudolf Adam - Berlin Global Advisors, Advisor



Dr. Rudolf Georg Adam serves as an Advisor to BGA. 



The future is more uncertain than ever before since the end of World War II. The possibilities of Black Swans is rising. A sweeping global survey touching on Brexit and the EU, on the USA beyond Trump, on China and on Energy futures will lead up to reflections on geostrategic challenges and what can be done to minimise exposure to risks and to maximise returns in the long run.

Nicolas Rabener - FactorResearch, Founder


 Nicolas Rabener is the founder of FactorResearch, which provides quantitative solutions for factor investing. Previously he created Jackdaw Capital, an award-winning quantitative investment manager. 



Investors are continuously seeking strategies that offer uncorrelated returns, but loathe hedge funds due to high fees. Fortunately, hedge fund strategies have become available as ETFs and liquid alternative mutual funds in recent years. However, it is questionable if these low-cost versions offer the same characteristics as their private brethren and are attractive for diversification, which we will explore in this presentation.

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